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Non-Greasy Camphor
Cream for Dry Skin

Ingram's Camphor Cream is a non-greasy cream that soothes, nourishes, and protects dry, chapped, sore hands, elbows, legs, cracked heels, and any other dry skin problem area.

Ingram's Camphor Cream has been sold in South Africa for over 70 years and is the number one selling cream in that country with 49% value share (ACNielson, F&D). Over 200 Tons of Ingram's Camphor Cream is produced each month, in a state of the art facility, to meet the demand of the South African market.

History of Ingram's Camphor Cream:

Ingram's Camphor Cream was formulated in South Africa in 1937. Hans Rose, was a German immigrant who formulated the cream. Rose arrived at the doorstep of Ingram's Pharmacy where he met Len Tannenbaum, pharmacist and founding member of Adcock Ingram. Rose assured Tannenbaum that he could make anything in the cosmetic field. Tannenbaum then held out his dry, chapped hands and challenged the young Rose to find a treatment. The next morning Rose returned with a pot of glistening white cream and claimed "This cream will give you soft hands."

Tannenbaum set out promoting the product by sending complementary jars of the cream to Johannesburg Hospital. Soon nurses were buying the cream and telling their friends about it. Rose could not keep up with the demand. A decision was made to expand the manufacturing capacity and transfer the production to Krugerdorp, a town 50 miles from Johannesburg.

Ingram's Camphor Cream continued it's journey to the top of the market with a formula that proves it can stand the test of time.

Alpine Pharmaceutica Inc. History:

Alpine Phamaceutica Inc. was founded in 2001 for the purpose of importing Ingram's Camphor Cream into North America. The founding members have personally used the cream for over 30 years. So with great confidence in the quality of Ingram's Camphor Cream it was introduced to the American market in November 2001.