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Ingram's Camphor Cream Soothes Dry, Cracked, Itchy skin. Non-greasy Camphor Cream Moisturizes Dry Skin.

Try it and see why men and women have used Ingram’s Camphor Cream non-greasy relief to soothe and protect their skin for over 72 years. Ingram'sis the best value for your skin care needs.    Make Ingram’s part of your daily routine.


This makes Ingram's the absolutely best value!

Regular 150g/5.3oz Jar= $7.99

Regular 500g/17.7oz Jar = $14.99

Herbal  150g/5.3oz Jar= $7.99

Herbal  500g/17.7oz Jar = $14.99                                      


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