Use it daily and love it.

Elvia (Nurse)


Used it for years and have the best looking heels!



"Hands, knee's, elbows and feet, Ingram's Camphor Cream, can't be beat!"-- Craig


I have personally used the cream for over 30 years and it works great for dry, cracked skin. Especially on hands and feet!



I recently tried your product for the first time, and found that it is the answer to chicken neck! At 60 years old, I have tried many products to smooth out the skin in the neck area that stops producing natural oils with age and becomes like chicken skin. Nothing really worked, no matter what they were made of or how much I used.

Then, I had occasion to try this product on my hands, hoping the camphor might help the soreness in the joints. It did help, but a second benefit soon became apparant. I thought, what the heck, I'll just put the exess onto my neck, sure can't hurt. Within 1 day, the skin started to smooth out, so I started using it daily on my neck.

I can't believe it - the difference is amazing! No more chicken neck, and I am not embarrassed to wear nice tops anymore - my neck skin looks so much younger!

I will be a regular customer from now on.

Cindy B

Tacoma WA